Hong Kong
Teddy Bear Association


Annual Awards Competition Winners

and Entry Photographs

Winners are (L-R) Leung Tak Shon, Angela Yip, Amy Yau, Flora Lee, Etta Wong, Candy Lai, Tiffany Tsui, Marcia Mo, Cheuk Mun Sum,

Natural Bear or Friend - Artists Creations

N 001 Panda On Man

Tiffany Tsui nominated of Friends of Nature

N 002 George

N 003 Pobe

N 004 Rabbe

Etta Wong
Champion of Friends of Nature
Costume Bears - Artists Creations

A 002 Agnes

A 003 A Golden Time

A 006 Goldie in Concert

Angela Yip

Nominated Costume Bear

A 007 Crystal


A 008 Merry Christmas

Candy Lai

nominated Costume Bear

A 009 Flora

Flora Lee Champion of Costume Bear

A 010 Christina

A 011 Sunshine Harmony

Hobbyist Bears

H 001 Sweet Mother

H 004 Purple Star
Amy Yau

H 005 Happy Ending

Cheuk Mun Sum and Amy Yau

Beautiful crystal trophies.

Costume Bear Hobby 1st place winners


  Gloria Chan
Gloria Handicraft Studio and HKTBA President
Member since June 2009

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