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How to Vote in the First Round of the URSA

NOTE: Best to vote from your computer or laptop. The software we use sometimes does not recognize certain type of phones or tablets.

You have 3 votes in each of the URSA Awards Categories.


Please determine which piece you think is:

Marvelous (5 Gold Stars awarded)

Amazing(3 Gold Stars awarded)

or Great (1 Gold Star awarded).

Sample voting page:




Do not leave any of the vote boxes empty.
Help the artists win.


We only ask for your name and the country you live in.
We do not collect eMail information.

Do NOT repeat the same entry number in each box, as only one will be recorded, the others discarded.


Do NOT vote for entries from other categories.





Enter 3 different numbers in each category.


When you have determined your 3 votes, verify for accuracy then click the Submit Your Vote button.



You'll receive a pop-up Thank You For Voting notice and you'll know that your vote has been recorded.


After voting then select "Vote in Next Category' arrow at the bottom of that page.


Please continue to vote through to Category 12


URSA votes are audited daily for multiples using your IP address.


We understand that there might be several family members in a home, using the same IP equipment.


That is why it is important to state your name, we will allow a certain number

of votes coming from the same IP address.


**** Please remember, even though you really, really want an artist to win, voting multiple times means we eliminate the extra votes or your extra votes can even disqualifies the artist from the competition altogether.







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