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Daniella Vereeken                      April-May 2024

Daniella Vereeken resides in Hemiksem, Belgium, close to Antwerp, and is the creative force behind Barboni-Bears and Creatures.

Her biggest fans are her husband Patrick and Korben,
7 years old. “Both are the light of my life. I could not ask for a more supportive team.”

“My journey into the world of bears and other creatures started on a sad note but soon turned my whole world upside down, bring me great joy!”

In 2013, the joyous anticipation of their first child was met with sorrow when, at 10 weeks, no heartbeat was detected. Daniella was left heartbroken by the loss.

In an effort to ease her grief, a good friend took Daniella to a hobby fair, hoping to distract her.

"She bought me a teddy bear making kit," Daniella recalls. "I was grateful, but initially,
I didn't think it was something I wanted to do." However, with her friend's encouragement eventually she give it a try.


"I started to cut and sew the material, and to my surprise,
soon I had created a bear!"


“Piece by piece I found my happiness and joy again.
I will forever be grateful that she introduced me to this fascinating bear world!”


When challenged with something new, Daniella dives in and discovers every aspect, and that’s exactly what she did.

Blueberry Honey Bunny




Draconis Limoncello


Soon Daniella began drawing her own patterns and creating not just bears but whimsical creatures.

“I learned how to needle felt and sculpt polymer clay so I could add unique details to my creations.”

Combining all these techniques along with her imagination, she is able to create detailed faces, paw pads, horns, claws for her creations.

“You just need to try everything and discover what works for you!”

“I admire many teddy bear artists styles, and think it is important for every artist to discover their own style and create what is in their heart!”

All of her pieces are one-of-a-kind.

In 2019 Daniella packed up her creations and exhibited in her first teddy bear fair.

“How I loved it! It was a thrill to see people looking at my creations, smiling and falling in love with them!”

The encouragement she received from fellow bear artist was heart warming. Since then she has made many good friends who are all in this wonderful bear-world.

She attends two to four exhibitions a year, “I need time between events to design and make new pieces.

Enjoying the personal interaction with collectors, Daniella finds live events particularly rewarding. She realizes that with the changing times and buying habits of people, that she will soon be selling online.

“I have a digital shop on Tedsby under Barboni-Bears and perhaps I will try to participate in online shows. We will see what the future brings.”

In 2002, Daniella began her professional dog grooming business. As her focus shifts now, she plans to dedicate just two days a week tending to the dogs, freeing up the remainder of her week for her creative activities.

With this newfound time, ideas will be flowing and she will be creating unique bears and creatures for the upcoming shows.

Daniella spends much of her time keeping her Facebook and Instagram pages updated with new pictures of her creations; posting almost daily.

“I absolutely love to create one-of-a-kind bears and creatures; for me there is no fun in repeating myself!”

She loves designing new patterns or changing older patters of hers to create something entirely different each time.

"With over 20 years of experience as a professional dog groomer, I've learned that balance is crucial. This principle holds true for me when I'm working with fabric or fur to create something new!"

Daniella says it is very important to adjust your pattern to the length and style of your fabric.

Some of her more intricate creatures, she used more than 80 individual pieces of fabric , hand sewn together to create the desired look. Many of them take several weeks to finish.

“All my creations, big or small are hand sewn, so I know that every stitch is on the exact place I want him to be!”

Many of Daniella’s creations have three tails. “I can not help it, I like tails so much!”


Goldy Locks

Luscious Lily

Sweetie Pie




Miss Panterra

Detail feet of Goldy Locks

Detail Hand painted eyes


Cream Cocoa

She absolutely loves the imaginary, whimsical creatures, with bright colours, wings, claws and sometimes teeth. “I let my imagination flow and see where it takes me.”

Daniella loves to create bears, but her heart is with creatures standing on all four legs!

“My dragons, my horses, my dogs, griffons, is where I can lose myself completely!”

Each is very intricate and takes hours to created, especially the creatures with wings!

"Many people have no idea what goes into making a bear or a fantasy creature.

It starts by creating the pattern, selecting the combination of fabrics, sewing everything by hand, even creating the aluminum frame that runs through the entire body to create the neck, legs, tails, horns and wings.


Time to assemble the sewn body over the frame to making custom hand-painted eyes, even making the head, ears, claws and horns in polymer clay.


Detailed techniques are used to created wings, and finally it all comes together and a new beastie is born."

While Daniella is exhibiting in fairs, she sells her hand painted glass eyes, hand sculpted clay noses and paw pads for other bear makers to use in their creations.

She does not sell her patterns, however she is weighing the idea
of conducting bear making workshops soon.

“In 2020 my work was featured in the Teddy Bear Times and Friends magazine. “Two of my favorite creations where featured on the cover!

In 2022 I participated at my first Bears&Buds URSA Awards Competition. I won First Place for my dragon Stardust and a Second Place with Sambucca, a dragon and his handler Lilly.

In 2023 I entered again in the URSA Awards Completion won a Third Place ribbon for Fenrir, a whimsical dog-like creature.

In 2023 I entered Fenrir in the Golden George competition in Germany, where I received a bronze teddy bear head award.

I enjoy the competitions
and I hope to compete for many more years to come!"

As the year unfolds, Daniella is eager to breathe life into more creations with each one destined to bring a smile to the faces of collectors.






Daniella Vereeken


Lyla Bunny

Passion fruit















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