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Sweet Girl Gets a Make Over

August 2015                                                      Kay Cooper
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Meet Katie, she is 9 days away from being 74 years old.


From her looks she has been loved almost to death.


Brought to me by a lady who was fully expecting me to tell her to throw Katie away.

This lovely old girl had been her mother's bear and she has lost her mother, so this bear had a deep sentimental meaning for her.

I was reluctant to start, but an inspiration took hold and after a night of no sleep, I came up with what I thought might work.


I made a template of the head pieces and attached then to the inside of the head with the fur inside so to match the worn off mohair.


Basically a new head inside with the matting facing outwards then I stitched what was left of her face to the matting.


The backing of the mohair, was delicate, seeming to fall apart at times.



The fragile crochet dress was another challenge. I began working on it gently. The threads were old and almost falling apart in my hands.

The stitches had pulled apart and many threads missing. I crochet flowers, added a top along with pretty ribbons to cover the holes.

The restored bear was giving me 'that' look, as she wanted to be dressed and become the cute girl she once was.

All done!


"There is something magical about giving a long lost friend back to the caring owner.




Kay Lesley Cooper

Cooper Bears

Member since June 2012


Editors note: 

Kay thought artists who restore bears could share ideas and help each other by starting a Facebook Group called Teddy Bear Restoration.


"Getting those old bears out of boxes and back on shelves and into loving arms again," she said.


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