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Over the course of the past 40 years, the Michauds have authored 5 books and over 400 articles on their favorite subject, teddy bears.

Their first hard cover book titled Bears Repeating has received excellent reviews both here and abroad.

The book has over 40 heart warming and fun stories behind the teddy bears from their internationally recognized collection.

To acquaint our readers with some of these stories, the Michauds have agreed to share a review of some of the chapters from the book over the course of the coming months.


The Michaud's are closing out the remaining inventory, offering our Bears&Buds' readers the opportunity to obtain an autographed copy.

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When we are on a bear hunting trip, we set a destination goal, typically a show or antique market, but we have learned over the years that taking the less traveled back roads can sometimes lead to an antique shop or second hand store that is not as picked over, due to their somewhat remote location.

It was on just such a secondary road in southern Michigan, a number of years ago, that we discovered a teddy bear with a poignant past.

We were returning from a trip to the popular St. Charles Illinois toy show, and review of our road map showed a two lane route that wound its way through a number of small farming communities.

It was a pleasant, sunny day and a change of scenery was always welcome.

We had traveled some distance and passed through a number of small towns, and we were starting to question our decision to take this route when we spotted a rather weather-beaten sign in a village that stated our favorite word; "Antiques."

We pulled to the curb and were pleased to see an open sign.

The shop offered the usual array of used furniture and bric-a-brac of questionable age.

In the center of the shop was a large table heavily laden with glassware, and half sliding into the jumble of plates was an 18 inch teddy whose grey and dusty appearance spoke of many years tucked away in someone's attic.

Some kindly mother had outfitted this bear in a red cotton shirt and blue overalls. Needless to say, he made the trip home with us.

After laundering his clothes, Doris glided an iron over his pants, and a lump in the pocket revealed teddy's very own monogrammed handkerchief.

While we nearly always attempt to get background information on teddy bear purchases, we had neglected to check his background at the shop, but a visit to an antiques market in the area several months later led us to a booth operated by the shop owner where teddy was purchased.

On inquiring about the purchase, the shop owner informed us that the teddy actually belonged to a friend who frequently gave them a helping hand, and as luck would have it, the friend had accompanied them to the show!





The shop keeper pointed out his friend who was seated at a picnic table just outside the building. He was a gentleman of perhaps 80 years of age, and since the bear was was vintage 1920s, it was not likely to be this man's teddy.

We introduced ourselves and inquired about the bear.

The bear, we were told, was purchased for his son Tommy in 1924, and the two of them were inseparable through his developing years.

The monogrammed "T" hankie actually stood for Tommy, not Teddy, as we had presumed.

As with most childhood treasures, the bear was stored away in their attic as Tommy grew into manhood.

Tommy graduated from high school in 1942 and went off to the Army to defend his country. Sadly Tommy was killed in battle on the beaches of Normandy.

A long pause ensued while the gentleman regained his composure.

He continued, "we sold the farm this past spring and moved into town to a smaller place. While cleaning out the attic we found the bear."

It seemed just to painful for him to continue. Doris assured him that the bear had an honored spot in our collection. They thanked the gentleman and left him with his memories.


The lesson to be learned is to always ask about the background when buying a vintage teddy, for you may discover the real story behind your purchase.


Terry & Doris Michaud


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