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Feature Article by Terry & Doris Michaud                               May 2011

We have a wonderful world here and abroad populated by some very talented Teddy Bear Artists producing teddies for a large population of collectors.

The teddies they create are fashioned with a sewing needle, but we thought it might be fun to take a look at the Artists who create some stunning teddy bear art with a paint brush.

These teddies do not take up a lot of room, for they fit nicely on a wall.

Some of the artists have a variety of subjects they create on canvas, and some devote their skills to teddy bears in various settings.

Some are well known in the art world, while others are not necessarily household names, but all are extremely talented.

Some have passed on, while others continue to apply brush to canvass.

Frank Hamilton - Wales
Mr. Hamilton was born in Fife, Scotland. Although he started drawing at an early age and continued in school art classes, he is basically self-taught, becoming more involved in painting in 1993.

He feels that painting is a never-ending learning curve requiring many hours of practice to enhance his art.

His painting, titled simply "Collection" was discovered on the web site

Roxanne Propp - Odessa, TX
We can turn to our own Bears& Buds family of artists to find a talented lady who works with both needle and paint brush.

Roxanne and her husband have two talented children, Robby and Cassandra and she tells us that she has been an artist all her life.

She also shared that she has a love of both teddies and clowns and her latest passion is drawing.

As you might expect, she has combined these loves with some delightful drawings.

Visit to her web site at

Linda Apple - Columbus, OH
Linda has been a canvas painter for over 40 years, told by her Mother that she started to draw as soon as she could hold a pencil.

In 1964 she was awarded a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art & Design, and has also studied in California and Rome, Italy.

She has traveled the world and gained International recognition for her amazing talents, participating in a long list of exhibitions.

While her subjects are varied, we were totally taken with her oil on canvas titled "Wee Willie Winkie on Xmas Eve." It has to be a winner when you combine pets and teddy bears!

Take a look at the works of this talented artist on her web site at

Darren Maurer - Souix City, IA
Mr. Maurer is a nationally recognized artist / illustrator and his work has been published in numerous national magazines.

He is also involved in creating original artwork for Ducks Unlimited and has been a winner of the prestigious Federal Duck Stamp contest. He has a strong love of the outdoors, which is reflected frequently in his work.

On a chance visit to a major Iowa flea market, he spotted a group of vintage teddies on a table, which inspired his painting he titled "Flea market Teddy Bears." Note they are complete with price tags!

You can get a good sense of Mr. Maurer's repertoire with a visit to his web site at

Oksana Skiliarenko - Ukraine
Yet another dual talent from the Bears&Buds family is Oksana Skliarno.

In addition to creating some wonderful teddies in some costuming unique to the Ukraine, she also has shared her drawing skills with a brush and her talents can be seen in children's books as well.

In the 1990s she was involved in the creation of toys and dolls, and shared her skills in a school for disabled children.

Teddy bears came to the forefront in 2006, and in 2008 she organized the first Ukrainian Teddy Studio.

Check her web site


Bessie Pease Gutmann

Centerport, NY

The late Bessie Pease Gutmann was known throughout the world as an illustrator of children for many magazines and books.

She was born in 1876 in Philadelphia and studied at various art schools.

She illustrated a children's book that was written by Robert Louis Stevenson titled "A Child's Garden of Verses."

Her work also appeared in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She retired from drawing in 1947 and died in 1960.

As you would expect, her specialty of featuring children in her work just had to include teddy bears, as illustrated in her drawing titled "Sleeping Baby with Teddy Bear and Doll.

Wysocki passed away at age 73, but his large body of work continues to be available through a family gallery.

You can appreciate his talents with a visit to their web site at

Charles Wysocki

Lake Arrowhead, CA

The late Charles Wysocki was born in Michigan in 1928 and always wanted to be an artist.

In High School, he focused on art programs, and following a two year service in the military, he attended Art Center in Los Angeles. Most of his early career was spent as a commercial artist in design and advertising illustration, but his wife encouraged him to follow his dream of working in Americana and primitive paintings.

This led to a flourishing career with the publisher Amcal, where he crafted his popular calendars.

His images were also licensed for use on puzzles, plates, cards, tins, sculptures and a host of other products.

Our home frequently displayed one of his delightful calendars, and in doing research for this article I ran across one of his paintings I was not familiar with; titled Ashley and Grimes, a pair of teddy bear chimney sweeps!

When Valerie Rogers, Publisher, notified our Bears&Buds family of artists that we were working on this article, we had a wonderful response, so much so that we now have more material than we could hope to include in one article.

Therefore we will follow next month with Teddy Bear Artists of Another Genre - Part Two. Stay tuned!


Terry & Doris Michaud


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