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Does a panda cuddler have the best job
in the world?

Company plans hundreds of panda-shaped solar farms in China

Know before you go: Experts share bear safety awareness tips

Hospiscare launch Tiverton breakfast run with teddy bear

Bears are looking for
easy food sources

Police: It's best to view bears from afar

Children enjoy New Zealand's Teddy Bear Hospital

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is getting two new polar bears soon, similar to those shown here.

Polar bear from Toronto moving to Assiniboine Park Zoo

Tech Is Saving Bears In Yosemite; Speeding Cars Are Still Killing Them

Alaska Zoo’s polar bears back online thanks to camera donation


Columbus, Ohio zoo’s new polar bear twins are unbearably cute!

Polar bear frolics in the first snow fall.

Living in Harmony
Noah's Ark



12 Adorable Moments Between Mom Bears And Their Teddy-Bear Cubs

Akron Ohio Zoo heats up with winter events





Teddy's bear finally free from endangered list

Live Bear

Close Encounter

What to do when you meet a real live bear in the woods!


The Bear Necessities

by Disney and the voice of Phil Harris

A Teddy Bear Show Is . . .

Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt as a young man. Little did he know then that his name would be associatedwith the worlds most popular toy; the teddy bear!

These Llama's have just been sheared, and their fleece will  be turned into yarns, fabrics and some fibers even made into the mohair that teddy bear artists use to make their teddy bears. Read more

What is a Spirit Bear?

Oldest panda Jia Jia's birthday celebrated in Hong Kong

About Mohair

Black Bears

Living with Wildlife

Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife

All About Grizzly Bears


by Animal Facts Guide

What a Dog!

Wouldn't we all love a dog like this!

A Star in the World of Teddy Bears . . .

Winnie the Pooh

by Diana Stanton


Snappy the Turtle

Found in our Assistant Editor's yard

The most expensive teddy ever sold at auction was manufactured by Steiff. The particular bear was made by Louis Vuitton and fetched $2.1 million dollars in 2000.

How Steiff Bears Are Made

Why We Need Teddy Bears


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