Behind the scenes of the 11th Annual
URSA Awards Competition

In the early part of each year, we put our heads together and design several new and challenging categories to stretch the creativity of the teddy bear artists.


Once that task is complete, we start designing the entry forms, soliciting businesses for support with their lovely gifts, preparing web pages, ordering the awards and designing the yearly URSA Awards Competition lapel pin.


Bears&Buds keeps a sharp eye out for unusual gifts as well which adds to the excitement when the winning artists open their award boxes! Many gifts are contributions from collectors, artists and sponsors.


"It is like my birthday and Christmas all wrapped up in one!" said Bev White.


We have been purchasing the beautiful ribbons from the
R.B. Powers Company for over 35 years.


Now we take you to their company video so you too can enjoy seeing how the ribbons are made.


Bears&Buds and Bright Star Promotions sincerely thanks the
R.B. Powers Company for creating our ribbons and for their personal customer service along with fast shipping!




With a little help from the "supervisor," sitting in the box on the table, we wrap all the gifts and pack the awards for shipping.



Seven months after the first entry was received, with voting completed by our site visitors, the URSA awards are finally ready to ship.

Of course a little more help is in order to print all the shipping labels.


Kody-cat sees that every box is
correctly marked!

A very special "thank you" goes to the URSA Awards Competition judges who are our collectors, artists, friends and all who came to Bears&Buds to vote. You know bears!


Congratulations to all who entered and to all who have won!


We are so very proud to be in the circle of such marvelous and creative teddy bear people. Your design work, creativeness and craftsmanship have set the bar high!


We look forward to next year and will once again be amazed at the fabulous creations competing in all the categories.


and the Bears&Buds Staff Editors, writers and Graphic Artists

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