URSA Awards 2013

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Voting Begins

We bestow on you the privilege to vote
for your favorite bear, bud, or artist
entered in this year's URSA Awards Competition,
by choosing what you believe marks the quality of fine art and
reflects the values of the name URSA.


You will cast one vote in each of the 16 categories where 85 teddy bear artists,

from 18 countries vie for the top 3 positions in each category.

Of course it will be hard to pick your favorites from 163 entries,

but we know that you can do it! You know bears!

You do not have to cast your votes all at one time,

you can return to vote anytime in the missed categories.

Your computer will signal you if you have already voted in a category.

Please use the directional arrow located at the bottom of each category page
to navigate to the next category.

After voting DO NOT use the 'close window' button as your pages will close
and return you to the beginning. Best to use your back tab button.

First Round of Voting: July 8 through July 31, 2013

The Second Round of voting begins August 12th
when you will select your one favorite from the top winners.

The URSA Award Competition winners will be announced in the
October issue of Bears&Buds


The 8th Annual URSA Awards Competition is sponsored by
Bears&Buds, your monthly, online teddy bear magazine.

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  Seeing red?

Your Computer Won't Let You Vote?

What to do when you get this Error Message:

Your vote was not accepted because you have voted on this poll before

What is happening, is that your computer is storing cookies from your voting in the 2012 URSA's, and it is necessary for you to:
Clear out all your computer's cookies.


Windows users:

Go to My Computer, then open the Control Panel.  

Click on: Internet Options 

Under Browser History, hit Delete

Un-check: Preserve Favorites Website data.  

Check boxes: Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History (optional).  

Click on delete. Give the computer time to work.

Mac users:

Open Safari 

Select: Preferences 

Select: Privacy and remove all web site data -

it is the remove website data that is the fix, (instead of the words 'remove cookies'). 

Begin Voting in

Category 1

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