Valerie Rogers, Publisher and Executive Editor                                    March 2016
Bears&Buds is Eleven Years Old!

The time has flown by!

We can hardly believe Bears&Buds is now Eleven Years Old.


Why do we say "we are eleven?" because bears always celebrate years and not anniversaries! Bears are like children, anticipating Birthdays!
We are happy; we are 11.



Bears&Buds is the original online teddy bear magazine that grows yearly in readership. Read monthly in over 100 countries.


What is eleven?

    • Eleven years of helping artists connect with collectors within Bears&Buds.


    • Eleven years calculates to 114 unique and colorful front magazine covers.


    • Eleven years we've featured 144 artist in comprehensive articles.


    • Ten URSA Competition Awards presentations. October will be our eleventh.


    • Ten URSA Major - Best Overall winners - who will win for the 11th time?


    • In eleven years, we'll have presented 178 First Place URSA trophies


    • In eleven years, we'll have awarded 516 URSA Award Ribbons.


    • In eleven years, we accumulated a huge archive with over 653 articles.


    • Eleven years has found us offering hundred's of Teddy Bear appraisals.


    • Thousands of Member-Artist bears and buds have been shown in
       The What's New Section.


    • In eleven years, we had numerous Sweepstakes Give-Away's
       and more to come!


    • In eleven years, we have introduced people to the wonderful world
       of teddy bears both online and at in-person teddy bear shows.


    • Over the eleven years we have made wonderful friends, in person, with

       emails and chatting using Skype.


    • In the last three years, our member artists have participated in Bright Stars'

       online teddy bear shows where they exhibit their newest creations to our

       worldwide readers and collectors.



Bears&Buds helps educate people about teddy bears, how they are made, what skills, time and artistry goes into each creation. 

We have wonderful contributors who help us discover more about live bears
and teddy bears.

In eleven years, we have shared many techniques for sewing, dying fabrics, photography, developed selling tools and marketing advice.

Eleven years has brought many changes in the world and we have kept up with the times.  We ask ourselves what's next? The answer always mystifies us, but when we encounter new and exciting teddy bears, styled in a delightful new way, we are encourage to forge on!


And a big Thank you to all our members, subscribers, contributors, supporters and world readers.


We could not have done all this without you!


We are now eleven years old and we are still as excited about our industry as the day we began!


Bearhugs Always!



Fabulous Front Covers

March 2016


Front covers have all been designed by Dawn Emerson. Her unique creativity makes our magazine covers worth waiting each month to see! 

Thank you so much Dawn!

Bears&Buds' webzine is a digital image online publication
and not a printed paper publication.

See all the covers over the years.


A Very Special Thank You

to all our contributing writers and reporters!


Brenda Yenke

Dawn Emerson

Kay Cooper

Carolyn Carver

Charles Moose

Terry Michaud

Dee Mason

Martha Burch

Diana Stanton

Gloria Chan

Carol Miller

Kathryn Peck

Bobbie Ripperger

Cindy McGuire

Rachel Emerson

Bettina Groh

Monica Spicer



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