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Make Your Own Little Crochet Bears with Chantal's New Patterns
February 2014                                      Review by Diana Stanton, staff writer

Introducing Chantal Giroux


She is a Professional Artist-Member since the conception of Bears&Buds in 2005 and an award winning teddy bear artist from New Brunswick Canada.

Chantal creates her original artist bears from the patterns she design and specializes in one-of-a-kind, fiber creations made of crochet threads and yarn. Her hands give birth to bears made of mohair, upholstery fabrics, faux and sometimes uses old fur coats.

Chantal enjoys creating theme bears using needle felting, crochet and thread techniques. You'll find she's designed Ballerinas, Christmas bears, whimsical and costumed bears too.

All of her bears come straight from her heart.

Now you can try your hand and making your own bears using Chantal's patterns.


Chantal Presents . . .

Let me introduce my newest Thread Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern, made from thread.

Dolly ePattern

Crocheting Level: Medium and Advanced Beginners

The pattern contains 12 pages of clear instructions plus a lot of pictures.

The pattern that will bring your own creativity to a new level, 
you can do what you want with this pattern, change colors, change style, everything can be changed. 

Your creativity will be your only limit, but it will always give you a great bear. Order Dolly Pattern

Supplies: Cotton thread and a crochet hook.


Ida ePattern is another new Thread Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern, made from thread.

Crochet Level: Medium and Advanced Beginners


Order Ida Pattern


Patterns are CAD $21.74 each


Chantal Giroux
Chantal's Bears Collection
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