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Beginning a New Life

July 2015                                                      Kay Cooper
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"I loved the challenge to restore an old bear, " began Kay Cooper of Cooper Bears from Perth Australia.


"It is a bit nerve racking to repair a delicate old bear and I don't take it on unless it's a sentimental issue and I can see that in the eyes or hear that in the voice of the owner.


I am not interested in repairing bears for museums or for additional income; the only purpose is to restore and old bear and reunite it with their best friend."


How this restoration came to be was, "one of my collectors followed my last restoration online and said 'I don't think you could help my old friend!' 


I asked her to send me a photo. I could see the possibilities, so she sent Ted with a friend who was traveling to Perth.


The darling old bear wore a knit dress which helped hid his well-loved condition."

Lyn, from NSW (New South Wales) Australia, said "Ted was given to me on my first birthday and that was some 57 years ago.

"My mum tells me he was just a cheap old bear from a thrift shop but this is irrelevant to me. He has always been with me. 


I had not thought about printing old photographs of me and Ted to be used as he provenance.


I know of two old photos. One is a bit like the Christopher Robin, the photo where he is holding Pooh by one arm and the other photo is of Ted and I in my dad's wheelbarrow, while he was watering the garden."


"I am not sure if I have any photos with Ted and my children. Ted was certainly a big part of their lives too, as you can see by his wear and tear. When my grandchildren were little, he was there at bedtime for them too." Lyn said.

Disassembling the 38cm (15") bear revealed his true color that was protected between the joints.


"I have the very same color in my work shop," said Kay with a sigh of relief.


Trying to match older fabrics can often take many hours of searching.

"Poor Ted had lost his nose, eyes and smile. That is the first thing I wish to fix." Kay stated.


The head was very fragile and

I delicately hand sewed every part back together. 

Old Ted's head has been repaired and we do believe he is smiling!


"To keep his old loved appearance, a sparsely stitched, string nose was sewn on," commented Kay.

Placing his ears and eyes just right, was the next step.


Next came his new body and limbs. 


"I take photos as I advance," began Kay, "and show the person so they can see what I am doing. We always discuss what is happening and they follow me every step of the way." 


A digital camera and a computer are a must to conduct repairs from afar.


"I do believe he is starting to come to life!" smiled Kay.

All done!


Ted, with his new arms and legs, and his smiling face was so very happy to wear a colorful bow around his neck.


"Can you hear him? He's so happy to be new again!" said Kay.


Bring on all the hugs!

"There is something magical about giving a long lost friend back to the caring owner.




Kay Lesley Cooper

Cooper Bears

Member since June 2012

Old Ted Goes Home!

Old Ted arrived at Dee's office. The excitement and they joy show on her face and the bear is smiling too!


"Thank you for everything Kay. I can't express how grateful I am xxx" said Dee.


Editors note: 

Kay thought artists who restore bears could share ideas and help each other by starting a Facebook Group called Teddy Bear Restoration.


"Getting those old bears out of boxes and back on shelves and into loving arms again," she said.


< Click on icon to visit or to join Kay's group.


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