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November 2014       
Being a bear maker in Perth, Australia has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing, creative and giving people in the world; I reckon.

One of those people for me is: Kay Cooper of Cooper Bears.

When Kay makes one of her creations she puts her scrap pieces of fur into what she calls her "Bec Bag." She hands that down to me with the thought that since I make mostly miniatures, then I could use these scraps and nothing will be thrown away.

My saying is: "one bear makers trash is a miniature bear makers treasure."

I have worked out that some of these fur pieces do not always look like scraps as some are quite big pieces.

When I open the Bec-Bag it feels like Christmas every time!

I have started making some small bear creations with Kay's scraps and the first creation come out and is called Cecil. I quite like him so he has sat on my table for a week or so.

Just looking at him he got me thinking.

How can I sell him when he didn't cost me very much to make him? My mind started thinking that we could do something good with these guys.

I came up with the idea that when one of these creations sell I will donate some of the adoption fee to a charity.

Often I volunteer my time and my photography skills to an amazing animal rescue group here in Perth called "Wish Animal Rescue."

They will benefit from the sale of Scrappy Bears.

Cecil found his home pretty quickly. Astro and Twinkle soon followed.



So before you throw out your mohair, plush and fur scraps, think about making little bears or finding a miniatures bear artist who can benefit from your generosity.

Thanks Kay, I love creating from your Bec-Bag!




A huge pile of scraps is being guarded by my dog Bozley.


Wish Animal Rescue is holding am online auction from the 1st of November through the 7th November 2014.

I have created this bunny and donated it for the auction.


Bunny is called Wish and was made from scraps found in my "Bec Bag" from Kay.


Bec is a 2014 URSA Awards Competition Winner!

Third place - Category 1

Bec is holding the Lil Lion King 


Bec Allnatt 
Bears By Becca
Member since May 2014


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