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Bears&Buds 13th Annual Competition           

  Official Entry Rules

2018 URSA Awards

URSA Awards Competition is open to all teddy bear and

soft sculpture artists worldwide.

What URSA means . . .

Unparalleled beauty

Rarity of vision

Style beyond compare

Artistic merit

URSA is a constellation of stars - The Big Bear!

URSA Awards Competition Schedule 2018

Entries online; accepted from March 15 to June 22, 2018


First Round of voting begins July 9 - 31st Vote for your favorite bear/bud in each of the categories, which will determine the finalists who go on to the second round of voting. The URSA Awards Competition is decided by popular vote from our site visitors, collectors, readers and friends.

Second Round of Voting begins August 9 - 31st. In the second round of voting, all that are featured have won in their category, but they do not know if it is First, Second or Third place. Awards include: prestigious engraved trophies, colorful ribbon, gifts and cash cards! You the artist, will campaign for votes by sending the URSA Awards Competition Voting page links to your friends, family, customers and post on your web site too. Ask them to vote for your entry or entries. 

Read more about the voting process. 


See all the Awards and Prizes

Winners will be announced in the October 2018 Bears&Buds Online Teddy Bear Magazine! The URSA Major - Best Overall winner will be featured on the front cover.

Do you have questions? Visit the FAQ page.





Online entry forms



March 15, 2018


June 25, 2018



One Entry Form for each piece you are entering in the competition.


Please do not send photos in Slide shows, Word.doc or in PDF files.

Forms not meeting our requirements will be returned for editing and re-submission.

eMail your 3 photographs to

Each entry will be generated by the online entry form.

Send 3 high resolution and titled photos for your entry to:

Each entry must be mailed in a separately email with the category number in the
subject line.

We will do all the cropping and sizing of all your photos.


Read about using the correct word and terms in your entry description.


Tips on how-to photograph your bears/buds see Photo Tips Page

Entry Fee:

Worldwide non-member: $69.00 USD for First entry and

                                      $35.00 each for additional entries.

                                  BONUS: Enter 4 and get the 5th entry free!


Bears&Buds Professional Artist-Members: $35.00 USD per entry.

By becoming a Professional Member of Bears&Buds you will benefit in many ways

which all helps your business grow. Join Bears&Buds


2018 URSA Awards Competition Categories -

You may enter multiple categories with a different bear/bud in each category.

M = Multiple Bears and Buds   

P = Props Allowed, but not mandatory

Category   1 - Wee Little Bare Bears or Buds, 5" (12.7cm) and under, all materials. No props

Category   2 - Wee Little Outfitted Bears or Buds, 5" (12.7cm) and under.  All materials. P

Category   3 - Medium Bare Bears or Buds, 6" to 12" (15.2-30.48cm), all materials. No props

Category   4 - Medium Outfitted Bears or Bud, 6" to 12" (15.2-30.48cm). All materials. P

Category   5 - Large Bears or Buds, 13" to 20" (33-50.8cm) undressed. All materials. No props

Category   6 - Large Bears or Buds, 13" to 20" (33-50.8cm) dressed. All materials. P

Category   7 - Hugely Hugable, Bears or Buds, 21" (53.34cm) or greater.
                          Bare or Dressed. All materials. P

Category   8 - Fantasy Bears or Buds. Bare or Dressed. All sizes, all materials. P

Category   9 - Best Friends - Vignettes, 2 or more pieces, All sizes, all materials. M, P

Category 10 - The Animal Kingdom, All other animals, All sizes, all materials. M, P

Category 11 - Polar Bear - All sizes, all materials. P

Category 12 - Panda Bear - All sizes, all materials. P

Category 14 - Realistic Bears - Look like live bears. Bears only. All sizes, all materials P                       

Category 15 - Bunnies and Rabbits - All sizes, Bare or Dressed, all materials. P

Category 16 - Furry Pals - Cats and Dogs, All sizes, all materials, Bare or Dressed. No props

Category 17 - Foxes - All sizes, all materials P

Category 18 - it's Not Easy Being Green - Bears or Buds made from green fabrics.
l sizes, Bare or Dressed, all material P

How to Write a Description of your entry. Please 75 words or less.

Read about using the correct words in your descriptions

Please do not double space between sentences.

Do not include your name, text or logo embedded on the photograph, or send photos with fuzzy, ragged edges or framed.

How to Title your Photographs

Please title all your photos as follows:

Your business name followed by the name of bear or bud.

No symbols or spaces in the photo name. (No '#', '&', '( )', no spaces, '!' - only alpha and numeric characters and a Hyphen (-) are allowed in the .jpg name.

Abbreviate your business name or bears name should it exceed 18 characters in length

You can leave the word bear off the title if it is part of your company name.


This is how all your .jpg photos titles should look.

MyName-Unicorn1.jpg = Full size photo; facing the front or in a flattering pose.     

MyName-Unicorn2.jpg = Looking to the right side; or best features or pose.     

MyName-Unicorn3.jpg = Looking to the left side; or bears best features or pose.

Photograph sizes - See the example

Submit 3 high resolution photos with each entry, in an eMail with the category in the subject line.

Send 3 photos that feature poses to best show your entry.

We will do all the cropping.

Please do not use red, bright pink, orange or dizzy patterned backgrounds.

Official Entry Form

Fill out the online form and eMail the photos separately.

Choose and check the category that you are entering.

Choose your form of payment: PayPal, Credit Card, Money Order or Check.

Our PayPal account name is

Make checks payable to:

Bright Star Promotions, Inc.

Mail to: 2018 URSA Award Competition

3428 Hillvale Road

Louisville, KY 40241-2756 USA

PayPal Payments are made to "Goods" or "Personal" and payable to:

Please indicate in the PayPal comment box your Entry Name, Category, your Business Name along with your name and contact information. This is very important, considering some PayPal accounts are different than your business or personal name.

All photographs must be copyright free or eMail us a copyright release from the photographer.

All photographs used in the URSA Awards Competition are given the rights, by you the artist, to be used online and for publicity material advertising the URSA Awards Competition and

"No one ever regrets raising the bar, ever".

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