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Tampa Florida Teddy Bear Show

February 22, 2015

Crowne Plaza Westshore Hotel

19 bears compete for Best of Show!

Each hand made by the exhibiting teddy bear artists.

Tables held the bears all lined up for the voters to see.

The name of the bear and artist along with the price were found on their place cards. Bears were for sale unless otherwise indicated. Many were sold but stayed in the contest to score more votes!

Collectors and visitors voted for their favorite!


Often a hard thing to do!

Valerie discovered, by counting the votes, that there was a
3-way tie for Fourth Place. 

Skipper Root, Bev White and Pat Fairbanks.

"All the glory but no ribbon" Valerie joked
as the audience applauded.

Third Place Winner!
Third Place went to Josiah (Jay) Hadley of The Country Bear living in Florida, for his large bear, made to honor his father-in-law which included a photo, his ribbons and made from his uniform material. Everyone applauded loudly and as you can tell by the smile on his face; he was very happy!
Second Place Winner!

Lin Chamberlain (Pookie Bears) from Indiana, won Second Place.


She did not have her bear Scruffy in hand when the ribbon and cash awards were presented.


"I'm thrilled!" she exclaimed!

First Place Winner!

First Place went to Martha Burch, Martha's Bears from Wisconsin. Father Time and TickTock was her winning entry.



Congratulations to all who entered and all who had won!

The creativity shown in all the entries was marvelous!




Photos courtesy of:

Dale Crocker, Martha Burch 






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