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 Wayne Lim                                     November 2015
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Soft sculpture artist Wayne Lim of Wayneston Bears, has always been partial to toys. "I am a toy fanatic! I like to collect various types of toys ranging from modern to vintage."


It was this love of toys that lead him to not only collect artist bears but collectibles like Steiff bears too.

At a very early age, Wayne felt inspired to become a toy designer. "I always enjoy playing with toys; even now!"

Then one day, he started asking himself, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could design my own toys and let the children around the world play with the toys that I design?"


Drawing on his experience as a professional graphic designer, Wayne began using his free time to design and create toys such as teddy bears, animals and dolls.


It wasn't long before he was not only making bears but instructing others. "I enjoy sharing my knowledge and teach interested art enthusiasts to create basic teddy bears. Who knows, perhaps one day, they may become a teddy bear artist as well!"


Wayne has been creating bears for more than six years and resides in Singapore where he shares his space with his parents, a younger brother and sister. He draws on the beauty and diversity of Singapore, which is known for its lovely landscapes, for inspiration.

"When I start making teddy bears, I always thought that all teddy bears look alike; having similar features and designs. As I became more interested in the craft, I started to read more and realized it's not just a bear."

There are many categories of bears which different artists make; varying from vintage style to modern, realistic to whimsical and contemporary.

It was through trial and error that he discovered what type of bear he preferred and that was more of a realistic and contemporary style.

Inspired by fellow teddy bear artists, he works to bring the bears to life and look realistic. Best known for the needle felted eyelids, open mouth with teeth and needle sculpted paw pads with toes and claws. Wayne's work demonstrates his attention to details. He passes that talent along to not only collectors, but to others who share his passion for teddy bears.











Thumper & Belle






Tai Shan








"I set up a Singapore Teddy Bear Club in 2013. To date, we have about 40 members and we are still growing.

My best friend and I organize gatherings every two months where we have lunch or dinner with the group. In these gatherings, everyone brings their latest collection or hand made bears for everyone else to see. We share tips and discuss ways to improve bear making techniques."


Wayne has been featured in many International magazines  and has won several awards in countries like Singapore, Australia and the U.S.A. and likely more awards waiting in the wings.

When Wayne isn't working as a graphic designer, he likes to travel and meet new friends and collectors. He participates in shows when he can. He utilizes social media as well and loves when the two worlds collide and he gets the chance to meet with fellow artists that he's befriended online when they attend the same teddy bear shows.

"It's wonderful how the internet unites and brings us all together. The artists and collectors I've met are really kind and it's a great way to stay connected if I am unable to do shows in their area."


Sometimes, if a collector is undecided on which bear to buy, they will ask Wayne if he will return the following year. "Sadly, it's always hard to commit to the same place and venue as I always want to discover new places and those experiences.


But his most favorite place to return to is based on his company name.


"Wayneston Bears is derived from my name, Wayne. For me, in my mind, Wayneston is an imaginary town where my creations all live in harmony."


Many of his creations travel worldwide finding new homes, they always have a special place in the heart of Wayneston.


Wayne Lim

Wayneston Bears

Member since June 2015




Xiao Mi




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