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URSA Awards Competition

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Finalists in the URSA Awards Competition

We bestow upon you, our readers, collectors and art enthusiasts, the privilege to vote one more time for your ONE favorite bear, bud, or artist in this the last round of voting. You choose what you believe marks the quality of fine art. Pick and vote for just ONE.

Now until - Sept. 10, 2010

How it works:

This is the final round of voting in the 2010 URSA Awards Competition.

The bears shown on the one voting page have all won in their category.

Artists do not know if they've won First, Second or Third Place while they vie for the prestigious URSA Major - Best Overall Award.

Now it is up to you. To cast ONE Vote for your favorite among all the top winners.

Keeping an impartial perspective is Bears&Buds passion, and we realize the best judges for the URSA Award Competition are our readers, collectors and artists. This gives the public the opportunity to be involved in the voting process.

The vote-power is with the people who participate.

Between August 9 and September 10, 2010 you'll cast your ONE vote for your favorite bear or bud.

The vote totals from round one are carried over to the final round of voting and the bear with the most votes over all votes will win the prestigious
URSA Major - Best Overall winner.

All winners, their awards, ribbons and prizes will be announced in the October 2010 issue of Bears&Buds.


Valerie Rogers

Publisher/Executive Editor

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