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7th Annual Competition

URSA Awards

Major Award Competition is open to all worldwide teddy bear
and soft sculpture artists.

Somewhere between design and completion is the perfect blend of artistic balance.

In the tradition of the greatest fine arts establishments, Bears&Buds the online teddy bear magazine, announces its Seventh Annual Worldwide Competition; The URSA Awards Competition.

URSA is not just another name for bear or a constellation, URSA is an acronym for the criteria by which we ask readers, collectors, artists, friend and family to judge each entry.

  URSA means . . .
URSA is a constellation of stars - The Big Bear!

Point of Difference

While we strive to acknowledge the excellence of artists in the teddy bear world, we recognize the abilities of our Bears&Buds' readers to pinpoint those works worthy of the highest honors.

Therefore, there will be no judging panels, no jury to winnowing the entries down to a select few, to be then voted upon by our site visitors, collectors, artist, friends and family better known as the collecting public.

Our readers and site visitors will be the only judges and they will have an opportunity to view each and very entry. All entries are seen while our readers cast their votes.

The other major difference between the URSA Awards Competition and other contests, pertains to our overall emphasis on both bears and buds (soft sculpture art). You can enter a bear or a bud in every category. For those of you who specialize in animals other than bears, you are no longer limited to just one category but are eligible to enter many categories with your various creations.

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Notice to Our Readers

We bestow upon you, our readers, collectors and art enthusiasts, the privilege to vote for your favorite bear, bud, or artist; choosing what you believe marks the quality of fine art.

As a reader judge, you will vote for one creation/entry in each category, which you believe possesses the indefinable quality that 'speaks to you" and sparks your desire to collect.

You will also be evaluating whether the artist has "reached beyond the stars" with their creative work and reward those you feel have done so, with your vote.

Voting begins July 9, 2012. You'll receive an eMail notice when you opt-in our mailing list.

URSA Awards Competition winners will be announced in October's issue of Bears&Buds and awards presented shortly thereafter.

Accepting entries March 15 to June 19, 2012

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