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11th Annual Hong Kong Teddy Bear Contest 2015
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Meet the Champions!

Gloria Chan, director of the Hong Kong Teddy Bear Association conducts a yearly competition where artists of all ages compete.


"This year we have entries from mainland, Singapore, Macau, even a school boy from Pakistan."


The Prize Presentation Ceremony was held in Regal Kowloon Hotel, on 27th February in the afternoon.

Listed are the 2015 categories and entries plus the champions in the various categories.


Gloria Chan
Gloria Handicraft Studio
Member since June 2009


Presenters were:

Mr Erik Cheung and
Teacher Ms. Gloria Chan


Champions from Macau with Judge Erik and Teacher Gloria


Happy group, winner and friends at the presentation.


Ms.Flora Lai with her young teddy bear makers.

Category Dressed Bears or Friend - ages 3 - 7 - Team Work


Japaneses Princess - age 7

CD-02 Happy  - ages 6, 6, and 3

CD-03 Elsa and Hegel ages 6 & 7

CD 04 Yo Yo and Ci Ci ages 6 and 4

Category: Dressed Bears or Friend - Youngsters age 9 - 16

YD-01 Lazy Princess  age 13




Athena Cheung is the champion.

Young Cathy Chiu is the champion.

YD-02 Stephanie age 11

YD-03 Selina age 11

  Toby Tam is second runner up with her entry Selina.
Category: Wooden Bead Head Dolls, Youngsters Team Work

YW-01  Yo Yo

YW-02 Three Princesses, 3 girls' work

YW-03 Foot Ball Payers - 2 boys' work

Christina Ho Champion



Category: Hobbyist Undressed Bear or Friend

HU-01 The Young Buddhist

HU-02 Phyllis


Samuel Lam is the champion and Phyllis his winning entry.

HU-03 Moon Bear

HU-04 No No Bear

Category: Hobbyist - Dressed Bear or Friend

HD-01 Ki Ki the Bride

Eva Siu is the champion with her entry
Ki Ki the Bride.


Germaine from Singapore is the 1st Runner-up with her entry Be Be Nyonva

HD-02 Be Be Nyonya

HD-03 Winston the Groom

HD-04 The Little Prince

Category: Dressed Bear or Friend - Artist Class

AD-01 Birdy Magician

The 1st Runner-up is Cherrie Lui for her entry Birdy Magician


Champion Polly Wong and Isabella, her entry.

AD-02 Isabella

AD-03 Little Gold Dress


Category: Fashion - Master and Artists Class



MF-01 Roses


Dilys Pang is the 1st Runner-up with her dress "Roses"

MF-05 Blue Peacock

Gigi Chan is a champion with her Blue Peacock dress.

MF-02 My Fair Dress


MF-03 Purple Delight


MF-04 Those Were The Days

Category: Dressed Bear - Mater Class

Angela Yip is the 1st Runner-up with her entry named Lady Amethyst.

MD-02 Lady Amethyst

Dilys Pang is a champion also with her entry Party Lady.

MD-01 Party Lady

MD-05 The 16th Century Lady

Second runner up is Louise Chow for her 16th Century Lady.

MD-03 Mathew

MD-04 Charles the Traveler


The Judge with the champions

International Judges

Goh Lia Chan, Erick Cheung, Helga Schepp and Valerie Rogers

Trophies and Certificates have been awarded to the winners.

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