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Photograph size requirements
for the URSA Awards Competition

Submit 3 photographs with each entry.


Main photograph sized 500 pixels wide and 72 or 300 dpi

Full body, in any pose, that clearly identifies and features your entry.

Looking to the right:

245 pixels wide and 72 or 300 dpi

Looking to the left:
245 pixels wide and 72 or 300 dpi

Photograph from either the Right or Left should depict
the entries best features
an orientation to emphasize or enhance your entry.

Two photos sized 245 pixels are used to show the best features of your entry. What ever best compliments your work. We prefer the height of each photo be the same.

If you are unclear as how to size or are unable to crop your photographs, then please send us the originals and we will crop them for you.

~ Please crop your photos as close as you can to the bear/bud. We sincerely appreciate your cropping and sizing your photographs to help speed up the entry process.

How to title your jpg photos

MyCoName-Unicorn.jpg  = the full sized photo - facing to the front or in a flattering pose.     

MyCoName-UnicornR.jpg = Looking to the right or right side of the bear/bud or best features or pose.     

MyCoName-UnicornL.jpg = Looking to the left or left side of the bear/bud or best features or pose.

NOTE: You can abbreviate your name and leave off the word Bear in the titles. Not to exceed 18 characters long.

No symbols, spaces in the jpg titles.

Another example of poses.

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