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Shane Elliott

Steven Clark

The Bear Guys

Member since March 2005

Sandy Czaja
Notchlok Bears

Member since March 2006

2015 URSA Award Winner

Skipper Root

Anduin's Bears

Member since August 2006


Suzie James
SuzieBear Designs
Member since Nov. 2006

2010 URSA Award Winner

Susan Leigh

Bearleigh Bears

Member since May 2009

Silke Hirschfelder

The Mountaineers
Member since February 2011

2015 URSA Major Award

2015 URSA Award Winner

2014 URSA Award Winner

2013 URSA Award Winner

2011 URSA Award Winner

Sue Van Natten


Member since May 2013
2014 URSA Award Winner

Sandra Marie Pape

Bear Hugs Originals

Member since Sept. 2013

2015 URSA Award Winner


Svetlana Khabarova

The World of Our Bears

Member since Dec. 2013
2014 URSA Award Winner




Serieta Harrell
Sersha Bears

Member since Feb. 2014
2014 URSA Award Winner


Sue Vandyke

Embrace a Bear

Member since March 2014

Stine Birkeland


Member since June 2014


Soyo Sato

Baby Talk Bears

Member since January 2016





Tyler Crain

Teds n' Such

Member since August 2005

2009 URSA Award Winner

Teri Crews

Bears by Teri

Member since April 2007

2008 URSA Award Winner
2007 URSA Award Winner


Terrie Kalaputas

Terries Bears

Member since June 2007
2014 URSA Award Winner

2011 URSA Award Winner
2010 URSA Award Winner

2009 URSA Award Winner

2008 URSA Award Winner
2007 URSA Award Winner

Trish Hansford

Bears by Two Hearts
Member since August 2007

Terry & Doris Michaud


Contributing Writers

Members since March 2009

Tatiana Sadovskaya

Tatyana`s Day
Members since June 2013
2014 URSA Award Winner


Ute Wilhelm

Atelier Wiba

Member since Nov. 2013


Valerie Rogers

Publisher/Executive Editor

Founding Member

January 2005

Vicky Lougher

Elegant Creations

Member since August 2008
2014 URSA Award Winner


Wanda Carson

Carson Creations

Member since March 2015



Wayne Lim

Wayneston Bears

Member since June 2015

2015 URSA Award Winner




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Yulia Romanchenko

Member since June 2011

2011 URSA Award Winner




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